Name: [IMP][15.0] to_website_apps_store: Replace URL in Apps Category Count

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PR Author: Nguyễn Hồng Quang

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PR: #6660

Committer: Nguyen Hong Quang

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Commit: 704da77719d9b6bcf094b24ea694986306ea95bd


                                            [IMP] to_website_apps_store: Replace URL in Apps Category Count.

Currently, when access a category not in ['Apps', 'Themes', 'Odoo
Apps'],it appears a link next to apps_category_count. This link will
show current category user access and allow user to hit button to exit
searching on current category. Href in this context should be a
`/apps/browse/"root category name with slug"`.
This PR will fix this problem.

Branch: 15.0

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